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Registered users can now "share & sell" items via the existing Saved Products functionality.

This feature allows you to share a link with others in order to "sell" this product. Each item that is purchased will then be printed and delivered to the buyer. The buyer pays for the item directly and can only choose the quantity required and delivery method. All other parameters are fixed by you as the "seller".

Firstly, log into your Doxzoo account and add your product to the basket and ensure the specification is correct.

Once the product is in your basket click, save/share this product and you will be taken to the saved/share product page.

Listed will be all products that have been saved to your Doxzoo account.

To share your product a unique URL will be generated. This will allow you to send/post the specific URL for your customer to select. Once selected the product will automatically load into a Doxzoo basket.

Once Share & Sell has been selected you will be given the option to add a message to your customer as well including a mark up.

This mark up option allows you to add a fixed mark-up amount per copy sold. Please note that a service fee of 15.0% is deducted from the mark-up and the remainder will be payable to you as a commission (up to a month in arrears). If your business is VAT registered then tick the related box below so that VAT is included in the payment. In this case, you will need to provide a VAT invoice each month.

This part of the feature is completely optional.

Mark Up Fee payment on Share and Sell

We will accumulate and pay you the “mark up” amount you have added to your products on a monthly basis for completed share and sell purchases shipped in a given quarter.

We will pay you approximately 30 days following the end of each month, but we may accrue and withhold “mark up” monies until the total amount due to you is at least £100. (Variations to this period of payment must be agreed in advance, amounts less than £100 will be paid quarterly however if less than £25 then a Doxzoo print credit will be issued)

Cancelled, Returned or Orders not paid for by the third party will not be included in any sum agreed.

The markup amounts payable to you will include a full breakdown for your records including applicable taxes and deductions.

Once completed select Create Shared Product and you will be taken back to your product library. To create the link click Copy link for sharing and it will automatically copy for you to paste in to your URL, webpage or directly to your customer.

You are able to keep track of your sales by clicking on the sale summary button.

Below is a screenshot of how the copied link looks within a new basket. The mark up price will be shown. The quantity can be adjusted from this page however the customer can order just 1 copy if wanted.

Please note promo codes cannot be applied to share & sell products.

From this page, you can just proceed as normal to add the address and delivery details through to payment. You can also add other products to the basket which are not related to the share and sell feature.

It is not possible to create a "share & sell" link from a re-order, you will need to upload and save the product from new.

Any questions then please send us a message on live chat.

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