How to use saved products

The 'Saved Products' option allows registered Doxzoo users to save a production configuration and document for later use.

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What are saved products?

The 'Saved Products' option gives registered Doxzoo users the ability to save a production configuration and document for later use.

This is especially useful when you regularly order the same document and require the same specification each time. 

Note: 'Saved Products' will save the document AND associated specification. If you need to save the specification and apply it to a different document, please use the 'Product Settings' option instead.

How to create saved products

Saved products are created during the configuration stage of the order process. They can also be saved from the basket page.

During configuration:

On the basket page:

  1. Upload a file and select a product for printing

  2. Where relevant, configure your 'Document Settings', 'Paper Range', 'Binding', 'Cover', 'Tabs', 'Production Instructions' and 'Other Settings'

  3. Click 'Save this product' to make it available in future

  4. By default, the Saved Product name is taken from the file name. However it can be renamed via 'My Orders' > 'Saved Products'. Click the small pencil icon to rename it.

How to add a saved product to an order

  1. Login and go to 'My Orders' > 'Saved Products'

  2. Find the relevant saved product and click 'Load' on the right hand side

  3. This will take you to the configuration stage, where you can check your document and add it to your basket

How to edit a saved product

There is currently no option to edit a saved product directly, however it is possible to edit and save a product with a different name.

  1. Select the saved product and proceed to the configuration stage

  2. Edit the specification as required

  3. Click 'Save this product'

  4. Give your edited saved product a unique name and click 'Save'

  5. Delete the original saved product via 'My Orders' > 'Saved Products'

Note: whilst the spec configuration can be changed, the document cannot be edited. To amend the document, please proceed to create and configure a new document. You can then save this as a new saved product for future use.

How to delete a saved product

  1. Go to 'My Orders' > 'Saved Products'

  2. Find the relevant saved product

  3. Click the 'Delete' button shown to the right of the page

  4. Click 'OK' 

  5. Your saved product will be deleted

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