Please supply artwork as a 2 page PDF, with each page consisting of a double spread.

Unfortunately we cannot accept a 4 page PDF for folded sheet printing.

How should I set-up my artwork?

This depends on the desired orientation of your half folded sheet - landscape or portrait.

If your end product is landscape, your artwork must be supplied in portrait. 

If your end product is portrait, your artwork must be supplied in landscape. 

Each page of your 2 page file must be split at 50%. The fold will be placed at 50%, as shown in the document previewer after upload.


Set-up your 2 page PDF as below, in accordance with the desired finish orientation (landscape or portrait).



Which paper size should I order?

Due to the nature of folded sheet printing, you must order 1 size up from your desired finish size. For example, if you require A5 finish size, order A4. When your artwork spread is folded in half, this will become A5.

A6 finish size: order A5
A5 finish size: order A4
A4 finish size: order A3

Can I upload multiple pages for half folded sheet printing?

We cannot print and half fold multiple sheets together as one document.

Please upload a 2 page PDF only (2 page PDF file consisting of all 4 panels - we cannot accept single pages for each panel)

If your page count is greater than 2, please choose our booklet printing option instead. 

If you need to upload multiple unique designs for folding, please add them as separate basket items.

We also have templates available for greeting cards

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