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What does my Royal Mail tracking mean?
What does my Royal Mail tracking mean?

Once your Doxzoo order has left us on a Tracked Royal Mail 24 or 48 services, it will get scanned at various points throughout its journey.

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Once your Doxzoo order has left us on a Tracked Royal Mail 24 or 48 service it will get scanned on various points throughout it's journey.

Here are some of the messages that you should expect to receive when tracking:

  • Despatch email from Doxzoo - this means your order is complete and has been scanned for collection by Royal Mail from Doxzoo (Not visible on RM site)

  • We’re expecting it or Item despatched to Royal Mail - Royal Mail have advised they are in receipt of instruction to collect from Doxzoo. Royal Mail will update the tracking information when they've processed your item back at their distribution hub which may be late evening on day of despatch.

  • We’ve got it - Your Doxzoo order is in the Royal Mail network. They’ll update the information as it moves through the network and update the status when it’s been delivered.

  • Internal exception occurred - Royal Mail are experiencing system issues. Please try again later.

  • In transit - Your Doxzoo order is on its way through the Royal Mail network. This message can cover several stages of its journey.

  • Pending - This can cover several possible situations in your Doxzoo Order's journey, including if Royal Mail haven't received the item yet. You’ll see more details specific to your Doxzoo Order when you enter your reference number.

  • Redirection in place - Doxzoo Order forwarded – Redirection service in place to have mail forwarded to another address. This means your item may take a day or two longer to arrive.

  • Available for Collection or Redelivery – Royal Mail have tried to deliver your Doxzoo Order and have left a ‘Something for you card detailing how you can get your item.

  • Item Prepared for Redelivery/ Item prepared for Redelivery to Post Office – You have received a ‘Something for you’ card and have arranged for the Doxzoo Order to be redelivered.

  • Delivery Attempted - Address inaccessible – Royal Mail were ​unable to gain access to the address​ to deliver your Doxzoo Order or leave a ‘Something for you’ card. They’ll try to deliver the item the next day if possible.

  • Ready for delivery - Your Doxzoo Order has reached the local delivery office. They’ll try to deliver it as soon as possible, unless there’s a service like Keepsafe or Redirection set up. They’ll update the status when we deliver or attempt to deliver the item.

  • Retention Item - Some business addresses have a Retention Service to cover days when they’re not open. Royal Mail won’t deliver to them on these days. Instead, They’ll hold on to the item and deliver on the next working day, or according to the business’ instructions.

  • We could not retrieve your details - Royal Mail are experiencing system issues. Please try again later

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