Document covers can be added to the following products:

  • Wire binding (300 gsm card cover)
  • Hardback wire binding (2000 micron greyboard)
  • Comb binding (300 gsm card cover)
  • Velo binding (300 gsm card cover)
  • Booklets (300 gsm card cover)
  • Paperback books (350 gsm card cover)
  • Hardback books (2000 micron greyboard cover)
  • Ring binding (card cover inserted into plastic cover wallet)

Depending on your chosen product, one or more of the following options will be presented during the cover configuration stage.

  • No covers/blank covers
  • Cover design is included (as page 1 and the last page of your file - recommended option)
  • Upload a cover design (for advanced users only)
  • Design a cover (using our Cover Design Tool)

Note: for full access to the Cover Tool feature, please use a desktop or laptop. Functionality is limited on mobile and tablet devices.

For details on how to configure your cover, please refer to our product specific how to articles:

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