A customisable front cover, spine and back cover are included with each book. There is no extra charge for this.

Paperback book covers are printed on 350 gsm card.

Hardback book covers are printed on rigid and durable 2000 micron greyboard.

Note: for full access to the Cover Tool feature, please use a desktop or laptop. Functionality is limited on mobile and tablet devices.

When you are at the preview and configuration stage, open section '4. Cover' and click the blue 'Configure cover' button.

You will then be presented with a range of cover options.


  • Blank cover

  • Cover design is included (front cover = page 1 of file, back cover = last page of file - recommended option)

  • Upload a cover design (for advanced users only)

  • Design a cover (using our Cover Design Tool)

  • Design a cover with gold/silver foil lettering

If 'blank cover' is selected: 

  • View the cover in the Cover Design Tool and click 'continue'

  • Configure your cover options (lamination) and click 'Save & continue'

  • View your cover preview and return to the full document preview using the 'Continue' button.

If 'cover design is included' is selected: 

  • Configure your front cover - you can opt to 'move' or 'copy' page 1 (move is recommended in most instances)

  • Configure your back cover - you can opt to 'move' or 'copy' the last page (move is recommended in most instances). You can also select 'do not include' if you do not wish to have a back cover.

  • Click 'Continue' to design a spine using the 'Cover design tool' (or leave it blank)

  • Click 'save & continue' 

  • Configure your cover options

  • Click 'Continue' and review your cover preview and proceed.

If 'upload a cover design' is selected: 

If you have already created your cover artwork as a spread, it is possible to upload it.

This option is intended for advanced users only (e.g. graphic designers with access to Adobe software).

It must be in PDF format and laid out as below.

  • Ensure your cover and spine artwork adheres to the specified dimensions (including spine width)

  • Click the 'Upload full cover' button and click 'Next'

  • Your cover artwork will be displayed in the 'Cover spread tool'.

  • If necessary, scale or adjust the uploaded cover using the tools provided.

  • When you are happy with the cover, click 'Save & continue'.

  • Configure your cover options and click 'Continue'

  • Check the 'Cover preview' and click the 'Continue' button to return to your full document preview and proceed to checkout using the 'go to basket' button

If 'design a cover' is selected:

  • Use the Cover Design Tool to design your front cover, back cover and spine. It is possible to add background colour, images (jpg or png files), shapes and text etc. Note: if your spine width is under 9mm, text cannot be added to the area as it will be unreadable in print.

  • Click the 'Save & continue' button in the bottom right corner

  • Configure your cover options and click 'Continue'

  • Your covers and spine design will be displayed in the cover preview for your approval and you can select your lamination.

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