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How To - Configure Your Cover & Spine
How to configure document covers - booklet printing
How to configure document covers - booklet printing

A 300 gsm card cover is available. If selected, the front cover, back cover, and inside front and back cover will be printed on the card.

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A 300 gsm card cover is available for booklets. 

If selected, the front cover and back cover, as well as the inside front and back cover, will be printed on card.

Your inside pages will be printed as per your chosen paper weight (gsm).

By default, the first and last page of your document will be printed as the front and back cover.

Note: your booklet page count must be a multiple of 4. E.g. 8, 12, 16, 20 etc.

The Cover Design Tool cannot be used for booklets. 

Please ensure your cover artwork is included in your document prior to upload.

Booklet Pagination

Set-up your file as below, using single pages. Not double page spreads.

Page 1 of file - front cover
Page 2 of file - inside front cover
Page 3 onwards - inside pages
Penultimate page of file - inside back cover
Last page of file - back cover

Example page order for an 8 page booklet:

Blank Pages

If your page count is not a multiple of 4, up to 3 additional blank pages will be added to the back of your booklet (e.g. 9 page booklet + 3 blank pages = 12 pages). In which case, your back cover will NOT appear on the back of the booklet. Please take care and check the document preview to ensure you are happy with the page order.

If your page count is not a multiple of 4, we recommend editing the file and adding the necessary blank pages prior to upload.

This will give you the greatest control over the pagination, as you can ensure the required blanks are inserted before the back cover.

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