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Can I cancel my order?

Yes, registered Doxzoo users can edit or cancel an order shortly after placing it. Non-registered users cannot edit or cancel their orders.

Updated over a week ago

Yes, registered Doxzoo users have the ability to edit or cancel an order for a short time after placing it. Non-registered users cannot edit or cancel their orders.

If your order status is currently 'placed', it can be edited or cancelled within the first 15 minutes (for same day dispatch orders) or within 60 minutes (for all other turnaround times).

Important note: when editing your order, the initial order is effectively cancelled and a new order is created. When editing, you must fully complete checkout and make payment. The first payment will not be taken - only the second payment will be taken. If payment is not made for the edited order, the order will be cancelled.

To edit or cancel your order within this time period, complete the following steps:

  1. Login

  2. Go to 'My Orders' > 'Orders' as shown in the top right hand menu.

  3. Your order history will be shown here, with the status for each order shown in the 'Status' column

  4. If the status is 'Placed', click the 'Edit' or 'Cancel' button

  5. If 'Edit' is clicked, a disclaimer will be shown, You must then click 'I want to edit my order' before amending it.

  6. If 'Cancel' is clicked, a pop-up will appear. You must then click 'OK' to confirm the cancellation. 

  7. If you edit an order, the total price will be adjusted accordingly. If you cancel the order, payment will not be taken.

Once your order status changes to 'In progress', it can no longer be edited or cancelled.

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