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Why have I received a non-standard paper size message?
Why have I received a non-standard paper size message?

Your document may include a non-standard paper size if the document's page dimensions are outside one of the 'A' sizes.

Updated over a week ago

Once uploaded, the website recognises when a document has ‘non-standard’ page dimensions i.e page dimensions that are smaller, or larger due to the addition of ‘bleed’, or generally dimensions which don’t fit with one of the standard A-sizes that we offer such as A4, A5, A6 etc.

Why has this warning message appeared?

In the case of uploading a document with dimensions outside one of the A-sizes, you will receive a warning message which alerts you that your document's dimensions are not a standard size (i.e. an A-size, for example, A4 is 210mm W x 297mm H).

The A-sizes keep the same dimension ratio as each other so an error message won't appear. Therefore, upon upload you will be able to select a smaller or larger A-size e.g. A5, A6, A7 etc. and this will automatically scale to size.

What happens next?

With a non-standard / bespoke paper sized document; even if the paper size isn’t 'standard' you can proceed with configuring your order at one of the A-sizes. However, as a result you will be presented with two 'Production Instructions' scaling options to select from: ‘Do not scale’ and ‘Scale to best fit’ (please click for more information about the 'Scale artwork' production instructions).

**If bleed has been supplied to your 'non-standard' sized document, then we recommend selecting the 'Do not scale' option, so that your file's bleed dimensions won't be resized (and scaled down).**

The 'Production Instruction' scaling options are only available for non-standard paper sizes.

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