You can place an order for delivery to any third party address, excluding PO boxes.

If you are sending your order to a third party location (e.g. hotel reception, event/exhibition/conference centre, client's location etc.), please ensure that:

  • The third party address is 100% accurate and the recipient details are correct (e.g. department name, building name/number etc. if relevant)

  • The third party knows when to expect a package from you

  • You provide a delivery email address and phone number for updates

  • Once delivery has been confirmed by the courier, call the third party address directly to check that it has arrived safely

  • The order is checked upon arrival for any errors - e.g. missing items, artwork issues etc. We must be notified of these within 10 business days.

  • You order in good time and allow contingency for delivery delays. We recommend a buffer of 2 business days, especially if you are running an important event. For example, if you have an event scheduled for Thursday, ensure your order is due to arrive on the Tuesday. This will provide 2 days contingency to account for delivery delays or errors.

Please note that Doxzoo cannot be held responsible for third party delivery refusals or packages that are lost internally by the third party. Please liaise with the third party directly to resolve these.

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