What is production time?

Production time refers to how soon the order will be produced. We offer 4 production times: Same day, Next day, 2 days and 5 days.

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Production time refers to how soon the order will be produced. 

We offer 4 production times:

  • Same day (if ordered before 1pm Mon - Fri)

  • Next day

  • 2 days

  • 5 days 

Your production time can be chosen on the delivery page during checkout.

An additional charge is payable for faster turnaround and is based on a % of the product total.

Same day is +40%, next working day is +33%, next 2 working days is +15%, next 5 working days is free.

The production time fee is separate from the delivery fee.

For example, whilst UK delivery is free on orders over £30, a production charge is payable if you require same day, next day or 2 day production. 5 day production is free.

Please note, the clock resets at midnight. Meaning if you add an order to your basket at 11:59pm and complete payment at 12:01am, the production time resets and +1 day will be added to your turnaround time. The new delivery date will be stated on your order confirmation email - please check this after payment.

There are order line limits of 10 line items. If you require more than 10 products then please place a separate order.

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