General Artwork Guidelines

If you have colour or images to the edge of the page, please include bleed and crop marks on your artwork to ensure it is printed edge to edge. 

If your artwork does not have colour or images to the edge of the page, you do not need to include bleed and crop marks. In this instance, your document will be printed with white borders.

  • Bleed – 3mm

  • Crop marks - 1 in each corner

  • Margin – 5mm

  • Borders- Click here

  • Resolution – 300 dpi or above

  • Colour - CMYK

  • Fonts & content - embedded

  • Flatten all images and layers

  • Artwork size matches paper size (e.g. A4 file, choose A4 paper size)

  • PDF with single pages (no spreads, except for folded sheets)

  • Consistent page orientation (do not mix landscape & portrait pages)

  • Compress your file size

Wire/Comb/Velo Binding

  • 12mm binding edge margin


  • Page count needs to be a multiple of 4

  • First page and last page will be front/back cover


  • Inside covers are blank by default 

  • 7mm binding edge margin

Please refer to our 'Preparing Artwork' help section for further information about setting up your artwork.

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