Cover templates are available for the following products: wire binding, comb binding, velo binding, wirebound synthetic sheets and wirebound notebooks.

We have a number of designs available at A4 size for you to use and edit.

You can choose the cover template by using the Cover Design Tool which can be accessed when you configure your document.

Select 'Configure cover'.

Then choose 'Use a template' for both the front/back cover or separately as required.

Once you have selected 'Use a template' and chosen your other cover requirements you will be taken to the template library.

You can choose any one of the templates available within the library and, once selected, another pop up will appear. Select 'Choose this template'.

After choosing your template you will be taken to the Design Tool and here you can add text or images etc to complete your cover.

Once edited, you can proceed by clicking 'Continue' (this will also save your design if you have not done so already). You are then able to preview your cover as well as select your other cover requirements such as lamination.

Click 'Continue' to proceed with the order.

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