How to add tabs

Tab dividers are available for wire-bound, hardback wire, comb/coil bound, ring-bound documents. Learn how to add tabs.

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Tab dividers are available for wire bound, hardback wire, comb bound, coil bound and ring bound documents.
The dividers can be placed between document chapters or sections and act as useful reference points when reading.
Standard or plastic re-enforced tabs are available. Plastic tabs are the most durable option.

How to add tabs

  • Go to section '5. Tabs' on the configure page.

  • Specify the number of tabs required

  • Choose the tab type

  • Choose the tab divider colour

  • A 'Tab options' area will appear, which allows you to add the tab text and specify where the tab should go (a page number must be specified - this page number is the page number BEFORE the tab location, not after)

  • The tab dividers will be visible in the Document Previewer. Please use the arrows to flick through the document and ensure the tabs are located in the correct place.

Important Considerations

Odd pages

If your document is being printed double sided, tabs cannot be inserted after odd pages.

Example - 20 page double sided document
Tab 1: page 2 (tab is placed between pages 2 and 3)
Tab 2: page 10 (tab is placed between pages 10 and 11)
Tab 3: page 15 (as this page is an odd number, the tab is placed after the next even page, which is page 16)

If you need to add a tab after an odd page, please edit your file and insert a blank page. This will make the existing page an even number and once re-uploaded, you can add a tab.

Tab text

Tab text can be up to 15 characters long (including spaces).

Please note a max of 5 tabs can be generated in a line on A4 and 4 on A5. (Previewer can show 5 incorrectly)

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